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Spam Filtering

Stop spam before it reaches your network

The Phoenix spam filtering solution blocks over 99% of spam before it enters your network. When limiting what gets inside your firewall, your network is more secure and you are able to save time not dealing with spam and malware.


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How is Phoenix's spam filtering solution different?

Our scan engine uses a layered approach that maximizes kill rates and minimizes false positives. We do not use any scoring or rating systems for identifying spam – those systems are plagued by high false positive rates and are really only guessing at spam. And when it comes to protecting your message, guessing isn’t good enough.

The core layer for threat identification are the spam signature files. These spam signatures are created and managed by human spam editors who look at spam 24×7×365. New spam updates are released some times as often as every 5 minutes to ensure that our customers are protected by the latest rule sets to defeat spam attacks as they happen and as they are created.

Because our signatures are designed around actual identified spam, the system isn’t guessing at identifying incoming email, thus our false positives are the lowest in the industry. Period.

So How Does It Work?

Phoenix spam filtering works by routing your email (MX records) to the remote filtering servers where we clean your email and then pass it on to your email server.

Its really simple and easy to setup, and no hardware or software is needed or required to get started. Once youve used our spam filtering services, youll never have to spend another day wading through junk emails ever again.

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