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Frequently Asked Questions

As a valued customer of our services, we've assembled the following list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to address some of the concerns we've received.

If you have a concern that is not addressed in this FAQ, please contact Phoenix Technology Solutions via email at support@ptsmn.com or call us at 952.943.1632.


Spam Filtering FAQs

NOTE: Please do not forwarded your quarantine reports to Phoenix support. This causes the filter to examine the message and due to keyword filters in place can flag your email address as a spammer. This may cause several days before any message you send other hosted spam users (including Phoenix users) to come through without delay.

If you have a concern regarding an email message, please send us a message with the following:

  1. Email address of the sender
  2. Your concern (sender or their organization needs to be allowed or blocked)

Once we receive your request we will follow up as quickly as possible.

Spam to avoid

We want to make our users aware of some very common viruses that are showing up on people’s PCs pretty regularly.  And here are a couple of steps to stop them from causing you some huge headaches.


Please let your fellow employees know that this is happening. 


This is the American Airlines Virus



If you see the one above,  DO NOT OPEN THE ATTACHMENT!!       It contains a very nasty virus.





If you see the one listed above,  DO NOT CLICK ANY BUTTONS ON IT!  JUST GO TO START, and SHUT DOWN and call us immediately.


We can remote it and get rid of it before it causes too much damage.

Why am I not getting all of my email?

As part of the spam filtering process your email appeared to the spam filter that it was a spam message rather than a "normal" email. All of your mail that is identified as spam gets saved at our data center so your mail isn't lost. Our spam filter does a great job at detecting most spam messages. About 90% of all mail that passes through our mail filter is spam. Of the nearly 10% of the mail that isn't spam there is some potential for mail to be perceived as spam when it is not. We want as few false positives as possible and we are committed to resolving them as quickly as possible. The following questions should help you and us resolve these issues very fast.

How can I get my mail out of the quarantine?

The easiest way is to look at your Quarantine report that gets sent to you from our spam filter and release the valid email. It will then deliver to your inbox. Most of our clients get the report daily but we can change it to hourly if you are concerned about missing a more timely email.

Can I view a sample Quarantine report?

Should I... View | Not Spam | Delete | Block

View allows the user to look at the message without sending it to their inbox.

Not Spam will release the email and send it to the users inbox.

Delete will remove the email from the report and digest.

Block will blacklist the email so it will not be delivered in the future.

Block the Spam?

Yes. It is very important that you block message as that is how the filter "learns" what is and isn't spam. The spam filter has spam patterns much the same way that your antivirus software has virus patterns. The more data the filter has about what is and isn't spam the more accurate it gets. The only reason to do a simple block is if you don't want our spam filter to "learn" that messages that are similar to this are not spam.

I blocked a message on the quarantine that shouldn't be there. What's going on?

The block process can take a little bit of time to get all the way through the "learning" process. It can take from just a few minutes to up to a day to have the filter learn the behavior and get itself updated. The spam filter gets up to 30 updates per hour so it is always learning. See below about whitelisting if you have mail from the same address(es) appearing in your quarantine on a regular basis.

Im still getting some spam in my inbox, or a message I have selected release and report is in my quarantine report. What else can I do?

Any spam that you may receive in your inbox (newsletters or any other piece of mail that properly announce the sender and have an unsubscribe line are not considered spam) can be forwarded to us at service@ptsmn.com or verify if it is in the portal and on the blacklist.

Likewise, any legitimate email that is being caught in the quarantine and should be allowed through can be forwarded to us at service@ptsmn.com or verify if it is in the portal and on the whitelist.

These accounts are monitored by a staff of human beings that solely adjust the spam definitions to ensure that the right types of emails are allowed or blocked if the user is having difficulty.

What happens if I'm expecting a critical piece of email and I haven't received it in a timely manner?

If you are expecting a piece of email that is critical in nature you can call Phoenix Technology Solutions at 952.943.1632. Our engineers are trained on how to look through the quarantine on the filter and get your mail released. We also can submit the message to be added to the spam filter’s pattern.  The user can also log into their portal and see if the message is listed.


I have several people/clients/domains that are constantly getting stuck in my quarantine. How can this be resolved?

The best way to address this is for us to add the affected email addresses or domains into the whitelist. The whitelist will allow mail to come into your mailbox from any of the addresses or email domains without being filtered for spam at all. The only caveat with the whitelist is that there is a potential for a spammer to "spoof" or fake the email address which could cause your spam received to go up. This is rarely an issue, but if we do put items in the white list for you and your spam level starts increasing we may need to do some further investigation.

We have also found that some senders have issues with sending to more than just clients that use our spam filter. Sometimes they could be on what’s called a "black list" which is the opposite of a "white list" or have their email servers configured improperly. If you have contacts or clients that have issues similar to this we would be happy to help them out!

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