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Phoenix Technology Solutions, LLC is a provider of computer hardware, software, and I.T. services helping businesses in the Twin Cities run secure & reliable networks. Think of us as your personal I.T. department, offering you the fast response of an in-house team that understands your specific needs. 


On Site & Remote Tech Support

The staff at Phoenix offers outstanding support to our clients both at their place of business and remotely whenever possible. We use the industry's leading technology to quickly remote into our client's systems to help resolve issues quickly and conveniently.

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Network Blueprint

By keeping up to date on our clients infrastructure, Phoenix is able to support our client's needs quickly. We also don't want our clients to ever feel like they are being held hostage so we provide our clients with detailed documentation of their network and infrastructure.

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Server Installation / Migration

Our engineers install Windows Servers and migrate server data numerous times each month for our clients. Our experience, along with our Microsoft© certifications, ensures your new server installation and migration will go smoothly.

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Server & Desktop Virtualization

Through server virtualization, our customers are able to maximize their hardware utilization by dividing up applications and resources to optimize system performance. Our VM Ware partnership and experience has allowed our clients to gain better system performance offering improved productivity with their staff. 

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Security / Firewalls / Anti-Virus

Installing firewalls and secure networks requires a staff with experience and knowledge. We have been installing and configuring Cisco, WatchGuard, SonicWall and many other's firewalls for over 20 years. Keeping your data secure from outside threats is paramount to operating a solid secure business. 

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Networks / VPN's / Wireless

Planning and implementing client networks continues to be a core solution that Phoenix offers our clients. From standard LAN networks to complex WAN configurations with many sites around the globe, we are able to guide the deployment of these infrastructures quickly and efficiently.

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Online Secure Backups

Every good disaster recovery plan starts with a solid backup solution. Through the convenience of the internet, Phoenix is able offer secure encrypted backups to our Minnetonka data center. We offer our clients the ability to Set i.t. and forget i.t. until data recovery is needed. 

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Hosted Applications

Hosting applications in our data center allows our clients to gain the benefits of having redundant internet connections, redundant power sources, and an infrastructure that keeps all their client locations operational even during a local power or internet outage. Our experience in configuring and managing client applications spans from Exchange, to SQL server apps, to Oracle database and much more. 

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Server Collocation

Ever lost all the power at your corporate offices to realize that now your remote offices or stores are not able to function? Move your servers to our data center to gain faster internet speeds, redundant internet connections, and backup power. 

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Spam Filtering

Keeping out unwanted emails both reduces the potential for viruses on the network but also improves productivity. Utilizing a spam filtering service that filters out bad emails has a dual effect. First and most importantly, they protect your network. Secondly, they will hold customer emails in case the internet is lost at your site, allowing your emails to flow through once restored.   Our New Advanced Filtering also offers Business Continuity where the mail is not only stored but accessible over the web if necessary for up to 60 days.

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Computer Disposal Services

Phoenix offers the security of recycling old equipment.  Our Computer Disposal Service will ensure your systems are properly recycled and all data erased from the hard drives.  Our disposal process is simple and will give any owner the peace of mind that their data is securely erased and disposed of properly.

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